DMC Flower Thread

We still sell DMC Flower Thread. We have available for purchase almost 1/2 of the colors DMC made. DMC discontinued the manufacture of their 180 colors of Flower Thread in 2003. We bought the remaining inventory from a large DMC distributor, and offer those colors here for your convenience to purchase while they last. We don't have every color, but we have many of them. If you are looking for a Flower Thread color that is not listed on our website, please email or call us. We do not have any white or ecru flower thread in stock.

We encourage you to wrap each skein of thread on a floss bobbin. Flower thread will knot if you pull it directly from the skein. When you wind the thread on a bobbin before using, you solve that problem. Bobbins are NOT included when you order from us.

Here is a PDF chart for converting from DMC embroidery floss to DMC flower thread.

Here are some tips for working with DMC flower thread.

A set of the current colors shown on our website, plus more, is available. The full set includes 112 colors.
Please note that pattern instructions that come with a kit will include instructions, threads, fabric, etc, ONLY for that specific kit item, and the instructions may not contain all of the options that are included if you separately buy just the chart of this title.
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