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Bootsie came to us in March 2003, when we took him in as a favor to someone who could no longer keep her "baby". He came with his own chair, which we put (with him) upstairs with Hunny. Bootsie stayed under the bed for a month, and then started venturing out and downstairs. We thought the stairs would be great exercise for him! He finally decided that downstairs, in the Master Bedroom, was his home base. He rarely ventured far from the King bed, which was none too big for him, except when he was taking an occasional drink using his motion sensor faucet in the sink. With his big 24 pound body and spindly legs, he reminded us of the dancing hippos in Disney's Fantasia, and he was able to leap and spin with about as much grace as those hippos! In his last few years, he lost almost half of his weight due to "old cat", but never lost his happy chirp and always used the box!

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