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Ringo lived down the road when we moved in, with someone who rarely let the cat in the house and only petted him with his feet...Ringo had a too-tight collar with a bell on it when we first saw him. Since we had enough cats at that time, we wanted him to "go away". Hence the name, "ring-go-away", which we shortened to Ringo. He was a very friendly cat, head-bonking all of our other cats (much to the dismay of the less social felines!) He was a very independent cat, mostly outdoors, but he came in once in a while for pets and chows. Of course, he always liked to be petted with our feet, but we "trained" him to like other kinds of pets as well. Ringo was a very mellow cat, who liked sleeping upside down outside against a fence or inside on his favorite chair.

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