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The Pink Needleswatch
from Dutch Treat Designs

Instructions and Pattern Compliments of Claudia Dutcher
The Pink Needleswatch

"What is a needleswatch? A needleswatch is a way to organize your needles so you can carry them with you rather than leaving them stuck in the arm of your favorite chair! "
Claudia Dutcher

As you stitch this needleswatch, please consider making a donation to fund breast cancer research. The purpose of this design is to "stitch toward a cure" for Breast Cancer. Any donation you can make would be gratefully appreciated. If you need more information about where and how to donate funds, please visit our website.

Stitch Guide

Stitch with one strand of size 5 pearl cotton over two fabric threads. The main pattern chart is graphed so that each box represents two threads. The stitch diagrams are graphed over one thread. Start the design placement by counting from between the woven border edge and the first thread. Stitch on the side of the Anne Cloth where the woven borders are solid.

The Pulled Eyelet stitches and the needle size numbers are done with one strand of 223 rose size 5 PC.
Needles is Back stitched with one strand of 502 green size 5 pearl cotton.

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Materials List

The Pink Needleswatch Chart

Stitch Diagrams
The Back stitch used in this design is not diagrammed.
Nun Stitched Edge
The Nun stitch is a finishing stitch that, when completed, will keep your piece from unraveling. It is a pulled stitch done using one strand of size 12 pearl cotton with a #24 tapestry needle. The Nun stitch looks like a backward "C". It is an "over two" stitch. See the stitch diagram for instruction and the pattern chart for placement. The arrows are for stitch direction only.

Begin by pulling out the seventh thread beyond the green corner motifs. This will leave four threads between the corner motifs and the inside edge of your Nun stitch. The "ditch", the vacant thread track, will mark the outer boundary for your Nun stitch. Begin stitching on the upper left side with the front of the swatch facing you. Bring your thread up in the "ditch" to start. When you reach the woven borders of the Anne Cloth, treat them as if they are two threads. When you arrive at the corner, turn the fabric one quarter turn clockwise. The back of the "C" now becomes the top of the "C" on the new side.

Pull out the 10th thread on the outside of the finished Nun stitched edge. Use this as a cutting guide to even up the fabric so that all four edges will be the same width. Fringe by pulling out the long threads parallel to the Nun stitched edge. This doily can be machine washed. Enjoy!

Dutch Treat Designs, P.O. Box 161, Livermore, CA 94551-0161
Phone: 925-294-8621 / Email: dutchtreat @ dutchtreat.com

Pearl Cotton from The DMC Corporation
Anne Cloth from Zweigart

If your local needlework store does not carry the supplies to stitch this doily, please contact Dutch Treat.

There are more Pink Designs available from Dutch Treat Designs.
Shops and guilds may photocopy this design for free distribution and for donations to raise money for breast cancer research.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: None of these designs or intructions can be reproduced or distributed in any form (including electronic) without the prior written permission of Claudia Dutcher.

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