Dutch Treat Designs
November 12, 2016 Update

Just a short update to let you know that we are moved and open for business. In case you missed the news, my husband Bruce retired in June after 35 years at his job. We sold our California house and moved to Arizona. I closed Dutch Treat Designs in California at the beginning of May so that we could pack up to sell our house. Everything arrived safely in Arizona. Some boxes are unpacked and I almost know where most everything is even if I can't get my hands on it. Because my time since May has mostly been spent painting, packing, and now unpacking, there will be no new designs from me until 2017. In case you wondered, Bruce retired but I have not retired! I just wanted to let you know that the AZ paperwork is completed and my website is now up and running again. We are open for business from Arizona.

Here is the new contact information for Dutch Treat Designs:

Mailing address:
Dutch Treat Designs
P.O. Box 8214, Catalina, AZ 85738

925-294-8621 (no change)

Claudia@dutchtreat.com (no change)

www.dutchtreat.com (no change)

Life in Arizona
They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

The cats have adapted. This is our three cats enjoying the morning sunshine on our "catio" aka our screened-in back patio. You do not let cats roam outside in the wild west of Arizona if you want to keep your cats safe. This will also be a lovely place for me to sit and stitch once I get a few more boxes unloaded. I will be back again with an update after the first of the year when there is more stitching stuff to share.

I hope you are still stitching. I am grateful for those of you who actually read this update. Let the holidays begin!


Just a reminder that going into 2017 we will be selling:

- Designs and fabric for our tabletoppers even though the colors remaining in the Anne Cloth fabric are limited

- Victorian motto re-creations, charted for fabric and paper or canvas, along with the large motto size sheets of perforated paper only available from Dutch Treat

- Samplers with a story featuring historic designs that offer something more than just something to stitch

- We offer a great selection of DMC Flower thread (retail pricing only) for your stitching pleasure

Questions? Here's our current Arizona contact information:

Dutch Treat Designs
P.O. Box 8214, Catalina, AZ 85738-0214
Please use the P.O. box for payments, requests, flyers, etc.

Phone number: