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12x18 White 18ct Pack of 2

The mottoes shown on our website were all stitched on our large custom cut sheets of 14 count perforated paper with traditional textured stitches. Any of these mottoes can also be stitched on this "new for 2021" 18 count paper, which is 12" x 18" in size.

An extra shipping cost will be charged for each pack of perforated paper, in addition to normal shipping costs for any other items you add to the same shopping cart.
We sell our custom size paper in a 2-pack because the shipping cost is basically the same for mailing one sheet or two. Multiple packs of paper are heavy to ship, and it is often difficult to ship the paper in the same shipment as other items purchased from us. The shipping cost varies depending on where you live. We will do our best to combined shipping, and if the actual shipping cost is less than what you were charged we will refund the difference when the paper is mailed. Three packs or less of this 12"x18" paper will ship USPS first class.

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