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Lacework Lily Tabletopper

This type of design, called Canvas Lacework, was used in Victorian times to make a background filling pattern for designs stitched on perforated paper. These are filling stitch patterns intended to give added interest to a piece. The original Victorian patterns have been adapted to fit the Anne Cloth squares.

There are a lot of lacework patterns in this set for you to choose from, many more than you can see on the tabletopper model. This is a fun set with designs that can be used for Anne Cloth or as borders for your other projects.

The model was stitched with Caron Watercolours 073 Charcoal which is the thread color included in the tabletopper kit we sell for this design.

Any size and color of Anne Cloth

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:
match to the fabric color

3 square runner:
DMC size 5 PC - 3 skeins
Caron WC - 2 skeins

4 square doily:
DMC size 5 PC - 4 skeins
Caron WC - 3 skeins

9 square tabletopper:
DMC size 5 PC - 7 skeins
Caron WC - 6 skeins

12 square doily:
DMC size 5 PC - 8 skeins
Caron WC - 7 skeins

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