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Sinterklaas Tabletopper

Sinterklaas is the Dutch name for Santa. The visit of Sinterklaas and his helper Black Peter is a colorful celebration which includes elaborate costumes, time honored traditions, and lots of candy.

The two fabric colors used for this design have been discontinued and are very hard to find.

This tabletopper design is now available as a Limited Edition retail kit, while they last.

Antique Blue or Teal Green Anne Cloth

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:
932 (on Antique Blue)
503 (on Teal Green)

DMC size 5 pearl cotton:
304(2), 310, 895(2), 824, 369, 783(2), 801, 824, 950, blanc (on Antique Blue)
304(2), 310, 500(3), 738, 783(2), 801, 824, 950, blanc (on Teal Green)

Caron Watercolours:
250 Claret

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