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An A-mazing Tabletopper

This design was inspired by the border on a Welsh sampler. The topper can be stitched 2 ways as shown in the pictures. Both of the models are done on taupe Anne Cloth. Any fabric / thread colors you like will also work. You will need 3 skeins of Caron Watercolours OR size 5 pearl cotton and 1 ball of size 8 pearl cotton OR 1 skein of Caron Wildflowers to stitch this design.

Green model used - WC 083 Pine forest and WF 156 Indigo
Reddish model used - WC 210 Espresso and size 8 PC 902

Taupe or your color choice Anne Cloth

If the colors used for our cover model are not your colors, choose the fabric and thread combination you prefer.

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:
642 or match to the fabric color

DMC size 5 pearl cotton:
924 (alternate for WC 083)

Caron Watercolours:
083 Pine Forest

DMC size 8 pearl cotton:
823 (alternate for WF 156)

Caron Wildflowers:
156 Indigo

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