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Birdy Christmas

I love these little birds. Some of their relatives first appeared in "1 Bird, 2 Bird" which was a free design. A Birdy Christmas is a way to have these cute visitors return to join our holiday festivities. Whenever your holidays become busy, perhaps hectic enough that you are thinking all the fuss might be "for the birds", then I hope this holiday design will make you smile.

The regular fabric for this design is antique white Anne Cloth. The design looks great on that color. Another very limited edition option is to stitch this on Bayberry, which is a very dark green Anne Cloth that has not been made for a very long time. There are currently a very limited number of Bayberry kits available from Dutch Treat. The thread colors for both fabrics are in the chart. You can see pictures of the design stitched on both colors of Anne Cloth under kits for this design.

Antique White Anne Cloth

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:
699 Blanc

DMC size 5 pearl cotton:
310, 498, 321, 729, 911

Caron Watercolours:
065 Emerald (2)

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