Bristol Bookmarks

In the 1800's perforated paper was often called Bristol card-board. The children of George Müller's Orphan Homes in Bristol, England stitched on perforated paper. They created small items specifically to be sold for the purpose of raising money for their care. The 6 bookmark designs in this set are taken from an original Bristol sampler owned by Claudia. We thought it would be a fun and practical project to stitch Bristol designs on the Bristol card available today - perforated paper. The finished bookmarks can be sewn on to ribbon, the traditional method of finishing, or by sliding backing material and the stitched paper piece in to a plastic sleeve. Under kits you can purchase the chart with 4 sleeves. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this set will be donated to the George Müller Foundation to support the work they do today.

There are 3 options to buy this bookmark set -
as a Chart only
as a Chart with 4 bookmark sleeves
as a Complete kit

The kit includes thread, perforated paper, ribbon, bookmark sleeves to stitch all of the bookmarks in this set. The colors of the paper included are white, cream and tea dyed. A variety of complete skeins of traditional red embroidery floss colors are also included the kit.

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