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Hannah Sanderson 1849

The original Hannah Sanderson sampler is in the collection of Claudia Dutcher Kistler. The sampler was first charted in 1998. It was featured in The Needleworker magazine. By popular demand this sampler has been charted again in 2018.

This set is a new charting from the original sampler with two color keys. Version 1, the original version, uses the same colors chosen by the magazine for stitching on cream fabric. Version 2, the reproduction version, has a color key for darker fabric that uses colors similar to the original colors in the sampler.

Hannah was 13 years old when she completed her sampler. We know that she lived in England. We think she came from Yorkshire. We agree that Hannah was an excellent stitcher. Her sampler is full of mirrored motifs, birds, trees, and flowers. This is an amazing sampler which can be stitched just as Hannah stitched it. There are many fun elements in the sampler that could be used by themselves for smaller projects. The stitching possibilities from this sampler are limited only by your imagination.

The verse at the top, which is very hard to read, is a hymn written by Philip Doddridge.
Hannah stitched it as follows:

Beset with snares on every hand,
In life's uncertain path I stand:
Father divine! defuse Thy light,
To guide my doubtful footsteps right.

Engage this frail and wavering heart
to wisely choose the better part;
To scorn the trifles of the day,
For joys that never fade away.

Then let the wildest storms arise;
let tempests mingle earth and skies:
No fatal shipwreak shall I fear,
But all my treasures with me bear.

If Thou, my Father still be nigh,
Cheerful live, and peaceful die:
Secure, when mortal comforts fee,
To find ten thousand worlds in Thee.

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