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Bristol Ship Spot Sampler

This is a reproduction of a rare Bristol Orphanage sampler. The most recognizable Bristol orphan samplers are the ones that were stitched in red cotton thread. There is another less familiar group of multicolored samplers stitched by older girls in the orphanage using silk thread. These multicolored second samplers were worked in many different styles and thread colors. The style of the ship sampler reproduced here is called a spot sampler. Not all multicolored samplers were spot samplers and not every second sampler included a ship. The only thing consistent about the Bristol ship samplers is the ship they feature - the SS Great Britain. They all include the same ship with the 3 sections of the hull worked in Satin stitch and the water made by using Chain stitch. A little history about the SS Great Britain and how that ship was important to the orphans in George Muller's orphanage in Bristol is included in the chart.

This design is best worked on a linen or evenweave fabric. Pictured here are the original sampler and the reproduction stitched by Earlene Lipowski.

This design is available as a printed chart or as a PDF download. The PDF, which will be sent via email, is not an immediate download, it is a individual download from Claudia. Please let us know if you have questions or issues receiving or opening the document. It may take us a little time to process your order and send your PDF.

More information about the history of the original sampler can be found on the Bristol Samplers website.

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