Frequently Asked Questions

This is a compilation of commonly asked questions about Dutch Treat Designs and its patterns.

Does Dutch Treat ship to destinations outside of the USA?
Yes, but please contact us before you order. We will need to calculate your shipping costs by hand and let you know the total cost of your order including shipping

How much is shipping within the USA?
Freight for retail orders in the USA is calculated based on the dollar amount of the sale in most cases. We typically ship either by USPS priority mail or UPS ground, depending on the size of the order.

I need help with the Nun Stitch?
Here is a link to more information about how to do a Nun stitch.

How big is a 9 square tabletopper?
22 inches x 22 inches

Is a finished tabletopper washable?
YES! Claudia says:
"I wash the tabletoppers in my washing machine, with Tide, using warm water on a regular cycle. I do not put them in the dryer. After the last spin cycle is completed, take them out and damp iron. After they are ironed I leave them laying flat to dry. This gives them a nice crisp feel and takes out all the wrinkles.

The Anne Cloth polyacrylic fabrics iron flatter than the oatmeal and the cotton Anne Cloth. The polyacrylics do not usually allow any stains to stick to the fabric. If you do have a problem with a stain (i.e. a pen mark for example) treat the area with a squirt of Spray N Wash before it goes in the washing machine and the stain should come out. They have always come out for me!

I have not had a problem with any color run of the threads if you wash these as suggested in the washing machine. I prefer to wash the toppers in a machine rather than hand washing. I wanted a doily that you could use, and if it couldn't be washed then it didn't work as I needed it to. I looked at the type of threads I chose to stitch with very carefully before the first tabletopper was released. I am happy with the product and the "parts" even after 52 topper designs."

What is the difference between cream and ivory Anne Cloth?
Zweigart calls it "cream", while Claudia calls it "ivory"

We don't have a store close to us. Can we order directly from you?
YES. CALL US! You can also try our online store.

Why is the sky blue?

Here is a tip if the perforated paper you are stitching on is damaged
As for tearing the paper, there is a trick you can use. If it is in an area that will be stitched, take a small piece of scotch tape and put it on that area on the back side of the paper. Then, just stitch over the tape, carefully, poking out the holes out with a small sharp needle before or as you stitch. If you have a tear on the edge, use tape on the back. You can cover the edge boo boo with a matte when it is framed. If you have a tear somewhere else other than a stitching area, you might want to add an initial or a motif to that spot that is the same color as the paper if you don't want it to call attention to that area. The tapes we have today will be good on the back for a long time before and if they react to the paper. If the tear is on a stitched area, then the stitches cover the problem spot. Try this and see if it works for you before you order another piece of paper.

How big of a piece of fabric do I need? or, How big is the finished design? (for designs NOT on Anne Cloth)
The design size is determined using the stitch count for the design, the count of the fabric you are using, and whether you are stitching over 1 thread or 2 threads. Yarn Tree has provided access to a calculator that you can use (click the link, it should pop up in a new window or new tab):
For framed pieces, you need a border on all 4 sides that extends beyond the design, to allow the framing to be done. Usually that border is 2 inches to 3 inches on each side.

Obviously, this page is still under construction. You can help us by emailing us your questions!

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