We are currently printing our Dutch Treat Designs charts "on demand". Of course, that means we NEVER make misteaks! (Oops!)

What that does mean is that we can fix our mistakes as soon as they are discovered. If you happen to find an error on one of our charts, please email us so that we can correct the problem.

We do know of a few problems! For instance, we believe that "Hannah" (DTN-004) is "cursed". We have corrected several minor errors in the pattern over the years, and they keep being discovered. Also, some of our early patterns omit the phrase "Stitch on the side of the Anne Cloth where the woven borders are solid". Also, some charts which use Caron Watercolours threads omit the phrase "When working with the Caron Watercolours thread, complete each cross stitch as you go for best color flow".

In the Baby Tabletopper (DTN-031), the name of the Caron Watercolours Thread 075 may be incorrectly listed as "Sunset". The correct name for that color number is "Sunrise".

Most of the copies of the Lighthouse Tabletopper (DTN-005) before 2003 are missing the graph of the numbers which are used on the sail. You can print out that part of the graph here.

The number of skeins required for the Thistle Tabletopper (DTN-037) is incorrect on some copies. The correct thread list should call for 1 skein of black 310 and 2 skeins of green 3052, rather than the reverse.

There is a slight chance that the Birthday Tabletopper (DTN-038) symbols on the chart may not match the symbols in the Materials list. If your copy does not have triangular symbols in the birthday cake (for the Mahogany), please contact us so we can rectify the problem.

Early versions of the Angels Watching Tabletopper (DTN-061) have an incorrect number for the Caron Watercolours thread Emerald called for in the Christmas Angels Colorway. The color number for Emerald is 065, not 025. Although, the red 025 Holiday would also work in the Christmas colorway!

Nun Stitch clarification: In the Nun Stitch section of most leaflets, there is a phrase that says, "Begin by pulling out the --th thread beyond the outer border." The border being referred to is the stitched border. Our suggestion is that you complete the stitching of the outside (or bottom) border all the way around the tabletopper or doily before you start the Nun stitched edge. Don't worry about the fabric unravelling; you'll have plenty of fabric to do the stitched border and the Nun stitched edge (and fringe). After the stitched border is completed, it makes it easier to correctly locate the "ditch" thread used to position the Nun stitch. If you are not sure exactly where the Nun stitch should be, the location of the Nun stitch is shown on the main pattern chart(s) for each design.

It's a good thing that we say in the Flowers and Bows (DTN-052) leaflet: "Please feel free to pick your own thread and fabric color combinations when stitching your doily set." In early copies of this leaflet, the color numbers for the ribbon bow border for the models shown on the front cover are incorrect. If you would like to stitch your tabletopper in the same colors as the models shown on the front cover, here are the correct color numbers for the ribbon bow border:
3326 pink, OR 597 blue, OR 209 lavender

In some early copies of the Sprucing Up Snowman Tabletopper (DTN-051) which have a picture of the (lighter) Antique Blue model on the front, the symbols in the color key for size 5 pearl cotton 436 and 3042 don't match the symbols used in the main pattern graph. The 436 is for the tree trunks and snow folk's arms, and the 3042 is for the pots holding the trees.

In the Southwest Tabletopper (DTN-060, the colors of the upper and lower Pulled Eyelet stitches may be reversed. The upper Pulled Eyelets are done with DMC 356 on ivory Anne Cloth and DMC 355 on peach Anne Cloth. The lower Pulled Eyelets, other than those in the thunderbirds, are done with DMC 844.

The stitch counts for some of our perforated paper designs may be slightly off. The correct stitch counts are:
01DTN-802 He Shall Give His Angels, 238 x 118
01DTN-803 God Bless Our Home, 240 x 112
01DTN-805 The Lord Will Provide, 236 x 91

In the Rose Tabletopper (DTN-066), on pink Anne Cloth fabric the leaves should use DMC size 5 pearl cotton 367 rather than 368, and the Nun stitch should be done with DMC size 12 pearl cotton 3689 rather than non-existent 3688. Also, on natural Anne Cloth fabric the Watercolours number is correct (217), but the name of the color is Chili rather than Paprika.

The color for the vines in the Welcome motto (DTN-810) should be DMC 367 rather than 368. This is true for size 8 pearl cotton when stitching on paper, as well as for floss when stitching on fabric.

In the Music Tabletopper (DTN-068), the musical scale was originally charted as
do re me fa sol la ti do
That sequence represents an ascending melodic minor scale. The charts shown here will give you the syllables for the more familiar major scale and the placement of mi on the tabletopper and runners.
do re mi fa sol la ti do
When I created this set, I did intend for the syllables to represent a major scale. I offer you my sincere apology for any confusion resulting from the original design. We now all know the syllables for an ascending melodic minor scale!

Most people who have already stitched the Liberty Tea (DTN-081) design before June 2011 did not notice that there is a gold band around the top of the sugar bowl. The cover picture shows the gold band. My original chart does not. I had tried several stitching options for the sugar bowl before I decided on the bowl you see in the picture. The chart was never updated before the design was released to show how I actually stitched the model.
If you have already stitched your Liberty Tea topper please do not restitch the sugar bowls. If you have an original chart , and the Liberty Tea project still to do, then we have another stitching option for you.
Any chart printed after May 2011 has been updated to show the sugar bowl with the gold band. These charts will say "corrected version" on the back cover. I am sorry for any problem my lack of attention to detail may have caused you.

If you bought a kit of Tootle and Tweet's Garden Tabletopper (DTN-095) directly from us before May 2017, it is missing one color of thread that is called for in the chart, DMC size 5 pearl cotton color number 761. Contact us!

If you believe that your copy of one our charts is defective, send the defective copy back to us for a proper burial and we will send you a replacement copy free of charge. If you are a shop owner, contact us first and we'll work with you to correct the problem.

For more information, e-mail us at .