Samplers With A Story

There are many sampler designs and antique sampler reproductions available from other designers. Many antique samplers will sometimes offer clues about the maker of the sampler and the history about the piece. The sampler designs from Dutch Treat are those that have a story to share. These designs are special to us and we are delighted to share their story with you.


Claudia offers historical needlework lectures for guilds and events. These lectures are interesting for stitching and non stitching groups. If your group would be interested, please contact us. Currently there are programs available on the following topics:

A history of orphan needlework from the New Orphan Homes of Bristol, England
    A comprehensive look at Bristol samplers from 1840 - 1900
    Includes the stories about the Bristol samplers in Claudia's collection.
    Here is link to the George Müller Charitable Trust website (
    Here is a link to a website about Bristol Orphan Samplers

Perforated Paper Needlework - three different topics
    The Mottoes 1870 - 1900 link
    The Smalls 1840-1910 link
    Perforated Paper Samplers 1840 - 1880

A History of Quaker Samplers
    Pieces from Claudia's collection will introduce you to Quaker samplers.
    Help in determining the characteristics of a true Quaker piece.