Stained Glass Garden Tabletopper

Take a stroll down a leafy garden. This is a different look, but still in the Dutch Treat tabletopper format. This design was inspired by a Berlinwork pattern from the late 1800ís. These original border patterns were used by stitchers for counted thread and canvas embroidery.

9 square white Anne Cloth

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:

DMC size 5 pearl cotton:
310 (3), 347, 518, 977, 3041 (2), 3347

Caron Watercolours:
206 Guacamole

Please note that pattern instructions that come with a kit will include instructions, threads, fabric, etc, ONLY for that specific kit item, and the instructions may not contain all of the options that are included if you separately buy just the chart of this title.
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