MH Smith 1890

This is a reproduction of a sampler in the collection of the George Muller Charitable Trust located in Bristol, England. The original sampler was likely worked by Miss Smith when she was a resident of the New Orphan Houses orphanage that Mr. Muller and his family operated in Bristol, England. Although many samplers were stitched by girls living in the Orphan Houses, only a few have been charted and reproduced for you to stitch. The picture shown here is the original sampler.
This is the second printing of this sampler design.

Info about the first printing of this design:
The first printing of this chart was released for a Bristol workshop at Sassy Jacks Stitchery in North Carolina in October 2019. Unfortunately the first printing does have some mistakes which have been corrected for this second edition of the chart. A PDF can be found here that will show the corrections. If you attended that workshop and want replacement pages for printing one of the chart, please contact Dutch Treat.

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