Dutch Treat's Motto Designs for Perforated Paper or Fabric

Claudia has an extensive collection of 19th century pieces stitched on perforated paper. She is adapting the motifs from some of these pieces to fit on the perforated paper sizes that are available today. The charts also are graphed for the designs to be stitched on fabric.

If you are interested in learning more about perforated paper designs of the late 1800's, Claudia has a great website perforatedpaper.net which includes history and other information about antique needlework on perforated paper.

Claudia's motto designs which are available for purchase are listed here.

Here is a tip if the paper you are stitching on is damaged:
As for tearing the paper, there is a trick you can use. If it is in an area that will be stitched, take a small piece of scotch tape and put it on that area on the back side of the paper. Then, just stitch over the tape, carefully, poking out the holes out with a small sharp needle before or as you stitch. If you have a tear on the edge, use tape on the back. You can cover the edge boo boo with a matte when it is framed. If you have a tear somewhere else other than a stitching area, you might want to add an initial or a motif to that spot that is the same color as the paper if you don't want it to call attention to that area. The tapes we have today will be good on the back for a long time before and if they react to the paper. If the tear is on a stitched area, then the stitches cover the problem spot. Try this and see if it works for you before you order another piece of paper.

For more information, e-mail us at claudia @ dutchtreat.com.